Thoughts on @ATT & @TMobile

by Da'Von B.

Let’s say AT&T isn’t completely stupid and throw around some thoughts on why they’re really buying T-Mobile even though a leaked document shows that they can build out their services and network without the need for purchasing the struggling company.

Starting off with the rumor that Sprint was looking into acquiring T-Mobile, this was back in March of 2011, the deal would be interesting because with both use different cellular technologies, T-Mobile using GSM and Sprint using CDMA, but it seems that Sprint is moving toward LTE with the acquisition of T-Mobile it would’ve provided substantial scale and would’ve placed them among their rivals Verizon & AT&T with about 84 million subscribers, and they more than likely would’ve reached a larger LTE roll-out than AT&T. Alas things didn’t shape out at the time.

Then news breaks that AT&T wants to buy T-Mobile, and it doesn’t take a genius to look at the implications of what could happen. AT&T suggests that this deal would create jobs and they’d bring back 5,000 call center jobs to the U.S. from overseas (this is a blatant insult if someone were to use logic to understand this), that’s not entirely true, yes they could conceivably bring back 5,000 jobs to the U.S. but there would undoubtedly be massive layoffs if the acquisition were to be finalized. Whenever a company merges or acquires another there are layoffs it’s inevitable and in the event AT&T is pressed on this if it were to happen and layoffs occur the excuse would be “we’ve done everything we could to keep the force intact” which would be a blatant lie.

Here’s the other issue, AT&T would swallow up a competitor knowing that it would immediately affect Sprint killing them off quickly, so it’s almost like AT&T would be killing two birds with one stone. AT&T knows the threat that Sprint & T-Mobile have to them if they were to merge, what they’re doing is essentially killing off the competition and more and more people are finally opening their eyes and seeing that this could be a grave issue, because an inevitable duopoly would be created with Verizon & AT&T nationwide, when you have a duopoly make no mistake prices will go up and this will definitely hurt customers. AT&T may spin it as much as they’d like but they failed with their assumption that it’ll be pushed through with their heavy handed lobbying and people were that naive to believe it’ll benefit customers, and playing the jobs card in a tough economy is insulting, because those 5,000 jobs could come to the U.S. whether the merger went through or not.

Those are thoughts on something that shouldn’t happen hopefully the DoJ doesn’t back down with their suit, hopefully T-Mobile walks away with the $3 billion break-up fee AT&T agreed to, hopefully it gives Sprint the ability to pick up T-Mobile and form a solid competitor to the other two, hopefully customers don’t get screwed.

**AT&T customer for eight years, service has been up and down, lately mostly down.