HTC, Apple, & WebOS

by Da'Von B.

Samsung isn’t interested in HP or WebOS they’re going to put more resources behind their in-house OS Bada, Sony remains silent and behind their ghostly “we support Google’s acquisition of Motorola”, and now news is coming that HTC has mentioned looking into purchasing a mobile OS. And that’s where things become interesting again. Ever since Google has announced their intention to purchase Motorola it was suggested this was mainly for patents, but some used common sense and Schmidt eventually admitted that the Motorola buy was more than patents, and with Google competing against their hardware partners regardless of what these companies say they’re looking for other opportunities because they’ll eventually end up on the losing end.

So with the news of HTC looking into purchasing a mobile OS the main assumption throughout the tech world is that they could likely purchase WebOS. This is plausible but many companies don’t see WebOS having much strength. Problem is if HTC doesn’t snatch up WebOS, Apple just might but not necessarily for the same reasons others would, Apple would see the quality of their patents (wonder why Apple never went after Palm/HP?), and with the legal battle between HTC and Apple this could tilt things to either side and have a substantial impact. It would be foolish to assume Apple hasn’t taken a look at WebOS remember they bid on Palm years ago before HP picked them up and it was primarily for the patents, not the quantity but obviously the quality.

This will be an interesting development to look out for, especially with HTC more than likely speaking internally that the issue with Google/Motorola isn’t that great for third party manufacturers and history shows it’s never beneficial when you’re competing against your OS supplier.