Please Stop The iPhone 5 Rumors.

by Da'Von B.

I hate to rant, but I’ve read headline after headline, clicked on linkbait after linkbait, and it’s really gotten out of hand. “Tech” writers are suggesting that a phone that hasn’t been acknowledged or announced that no-one knows anything about has been delayed (ponder the logic used here). Other sites are writing articles comparing a phone that’s been announced with released specs (Droid Bionic) to a phone that’s plastered with rumor-sauce, making assumptions of what it will or won’t do likely based on what they read or dreamt up.

Every week someone is writing an article based on “sources familiar” or “sources from inside the company” or “random imaginary sources” about the iPhone 5 and so far every article is a contradiction of another (Site X: the iPhone 5 will have a 4″ screen vs. Site Y: the iPhone 5 won’t have a 4″ screen) or a contradiction within itself (the iPhone 5 will have a radical new design but will look exactly like the iPhone 4 but with a spec bump). So far the only website that can be trusted based on their +90% accuracy of what’s going on with Apple (possibly because controlled leaks MAY go to them to begin with) is AllThingsD/WSJ/Mossberg. Even carrier executives have admitted to being in the dark about what Apple plans to do with its next iPhone.

Will Apple release a new iPhone? More than likely, it’s best to just wait until they make an announcement for an upcoming event, then go gangbusters with hypothesis, guesstimations, curiosities, and wonder. Until then just stop.