Thoughts On Nokia & Windows Phone 7

by Da'Von B.

Microsoft could pull this off and if they can without causing any self sabotage (Windows 8?) there could officially be three primary OS’s in the market in the form of iOS, Android, and WP7. There are three points as to why Microsoft could pull off an amazing line-up of WP7 handsets and they consist of the partnership with Nokia, the acquisition of Skype, and the beautiful UI.

  • Nokia has a history of making beautiful handsets, and with the $2 billion agreement between them and Microsoft they’ll be able to incorporate a great deal within their mobile phones. There’s a certainty that whatever resources or information Nokia may need, Microsoft will be right there to assist them through the way. So it isn’t too far-fetched to see smartphones similar to the image above debut in 2012, they’ll go after Apple’s design cues and simplicity and introduce lower tier sets to rival Android’s dominance.
  • Skype was an interesting acquisition by Microsoft but only adds to the belief that the Redmond based company has some grand ideas to move WP7 forward to catch up with both Apple and Google, who are essentially the only companies worth measuring up to. It’s probable that Skype will be incorporated into the WP7 OS, allowing users to make calls using Skype or their cell provider. This is an acquisition that many didn’t see coming and have still not been able to put the pieces together. It’s perfect synergy as long as Microsoft doesn’t screw this up.
  • The UI of WP7 is different and that’s a good thing, many may argue that Android doesn’t copy the UI of the iPhone and not to beat a dead horse but it’s common sense that it does. There are many pictures available that show the Android UI before and after the iPhone. But on the subject of WP7 the ability to view live tiles is interesting for a certain period of time but the overall experience is just as good as the top competitors out there.

Now with all of these pieces in place it appears that Microsoft could actually have something great on their hands and it’s definitely worth applauding, problem is the company is good at sabotaging themselves and Windows 8 seems like something that could derail them. Though their goals are ambitious to have one OS for mobile, tablet, and desktop there are too many issues that the company could and may just run into. But for the moment they have great pieces in place to actually matter in the smartphone space and competition is a good thing.