Part 1: Industries In Need of A Major Overhaul

by Da'Von B.

Social games are cool apparently (look at Zynga), and they’ve essentially shaken the fabric of the gaming world in one way or another similar to Apple changing the landscape of the mobile phone market with the iPhone, something they may eventually do with the Television set. There are other industries in need of a major overhaul that could use the talent behind impressive start-ups throughout the world. And with the growing usage and popularity of smartphones, tablets, and the power of the internet, these industries would be foolish (some will stick to the “if it worked before idiocy”) not to embrace change and move forward, that’s obviously what the publishing and newspaper industries are dealing with now.


I’ve written at length about this one and it’s in serious need of a change, no-one watches all of those channels.


Tesla is leading the charge in this space, and it’s great to see this happening. The price at the pump has remained at a steady $3.60 a year ago the average was $2.67, obviously things are getting worse and won’t let up anytime soon. Though Tesla is coming out with a promising 300 mile per charge family sedan that’ll be priced competitively with gasoline sedans innovation is still needed in the Research & Development phase of battery, nano-cellular, and solar technology. Another investment that’s needed is in charging stations throughout the country, in the event that these vehicles become more in demand, having charges spread throughout the US similar to gas stations is a serious necessity. What’s needed now is another Tesla, a company learning the mistakes and success from Tesla and making it into the market with comparable pricing, improved driving range, and substantial quality. Monitor the status of your car on your mobile phone when it’s charging, receive service notifications and make reservations on your tablet, etc. This proposed growth and competition could be what’s needed to finally move the world forward.


This is long overdue and remains that way. The medical industry operates on an archaic system, bloated wait times and highly inefficient (which is a little scary when you expect your medical provider to be as efficient and effective as possible). There are some medical providers who utilize tablets and apps to provide better and more focused care. Allow users to see available time slots for treating providers and schedule an appointment online including a brief write-up on the medical problem, push the notification to the treating physician to be better prepared for the patient allowing a view of the patient’s medical history and any medications to provide a better diagnosis, provide live wait times online where patients can check and post that they may be delayed or late. The ideas and uses are endless.

That’s the first half of the industries that need some significant changing moving forward, others will be looked at next week, if you have ideas on other industries that need significant changing leave a comment and your ideas.