RIM Can’t Survive Long-Term

by Da'Von B.

And it only makes sense that there are suitors painstakingly looking over the companies financials to determine what the cost of acquiring the company will be. There’s an excellent look at why one suitor in particular should seriously consider making an acquisition that can be read here, and that suitor is non other than HP, yes the same company that spent $1.2 billion on Palm and the current WebOS products are essentially going nowhere. The question is who will pull the trigger and make this acquisition a reality, because truthfully although HTC & Samsung claim to be fine with Google acquiring Motorola, they know that in the real world things won’t bode well for them at all and they need to find an alternative and Windows Phone 7 really isn’t the greatest alternative, neither is building or improving their own OS. Time will tell as 2012 will be an interesting year to look at the mobile phone and mobile OS landscape and how drastically things will change, one things for sure, RIM won’t make it.