Google & Motorola

by Da'Von B.

Talk about a bombshell, Google buying Motorola for $12.5 billion is certainly interesting but raises more questions than answers. See Google buying Motorola places them in the hardware manufacturing business and they’ll compete against HTC, LG, Samsung, etc. The thing that doesn’t make too much sense are the quotes from their new partners/competition, you see the quotes are just about the same, so in reality the board over at LG, HTC, Samsung, etc are more than likely pissed because the truth is, Motorola phones will essentially be better than the competition if logic is used at looking at this it’s common sense. The overall consensus is that this is a defensive move for Google and a move that could be a nightmare in the future. A list of interesting questions that this acquisition raises can be seen here, it’s a solid list and questions likely won’t be answered for another year or so. Now that Google is taking an integrated approach to building an OS and manufacturing hardware I wonder what the skeptics that made statements suggesting this wouldn’t work for Apple will say about this move?