A La Cartè Cable?

by Da'Von B.

This is a sort of ramble. An industry that needs a literal shake up (though there are a lot out there that need to go through a substantial transformation) is the cable industry. So far news has gone around that cable subscriptions are down drastically with some major providers, and though it’s easy to suggest that it’s the economy, that’s not entirely the case. Sure some may have seen that keeping cable just isn’t cost-effective, but the alternatives online could be the real reason for such a drop in subscribers.

The problem with cable could be the amount of channels with an overabundance of content that no one really cares about. The disruption could be in the form of a la carte cable subscriptions, let customers purchase content packages based on tiers that are somewhat similar to what’s available today, offer the basic channels and let customers add channels according to their plan, if they choose premium channels then suggest premium channels will reduce their choices of cable channels by 3 or 4. Again this is throwing it out there in the wind. The problem is studios, providers, networks, are archaically slow to adapt to changes in the market, and adding apps doesn’t move you into the new digital age or into the hearts and wallets of consumers who are ready to move forward.

An a la carte idea is worth risking, some networks may be completely against the idea but it may be worth ruining the relationship for the short-term. For the long-term this specific type of service could be very beneficial. Problem is it’ll take someone like Richard Branson to take the charge in developing such a model, acquiring the appropriate relationships and team to put together such a plan nationwide that would cause other providers to second-guess their next step. But time will tell.