Apple Inc.

by Da'Von B.

Though it was brief, as of 1:23pm ET Apple surpassed Exxon to become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company. What exactly does this mean? Honestly not much, but being at the top carries some significant credibility, keep in mind Apple has a significant amount of momentum so although Apple & Exxon will go back and forth for a while it’s not hard to imagine Apple not only capturing the title again but holding onto it until the next juggernaut comes after them. Though the stock remains undervalued many suggest it’s Steve’s health that keeps investors weary, but won’t many don’t realize is that Jobs knows that he will need to appoint a successor, there’s a reason he keeps top talent around him, he built the executive team that exists today, the same executive team that’s pushed out product after product, so although investors are a little weary, those that actually pay attention to the workings of Apple use some common sense and see that they have a plan in place and likely being kept from others to nit-pick, it’s just a matter of when the news will be announced. Apple still has a long way to go, and other business sectors to jump in, at the end of the day, Apple probably doesn’t have an issue with the constantly mocking, they’re capturing insane profits with substantial year over year growth and still have a vast portfolio of products to put out, plus the reputation with consumers tends to silence the harshest of critics, even if it’s just for a moment.