Bogus Patents?

by Da'Von B.

So Google, is currently crying to everyone about being “ganged up on” by other tech giants and suggesting that these companies are using “bogus patents”. So I’m curious how Patent 9,912,915 titled “Systems and Methods for Enticing Users to a Web Site” isn’t considered bogus? Maybe Google will let other companies like Microsoft use this specified method for their Bing search service. This isn’t any David vs. Goliath story going on, Google is no David, they’re monopolostic in a majority of countries and have seen that they simply can’t get away with doing whatever they wish. But because the company is so open, I’m quite sure that Google will open up their search patents as well as the recently filed patent for Google Doodles and share with Microsoft and any start-up that wishes to change the way we search for things on the internet.