New Blackberry Devices Won’t Help RIM

by Da'Von B.

RIM just announced several new Blackberry devices running their new OS 7 operating system, and there are several problems with this.

First, the OS 7 system isn’t compatible with older blackberry devices, so users will have to purchase a new phones to utilize the benefits of the new OS. Second, RIM will introduce phones utilizing a completely new OS in QNX where the OS won’t be compatible with devices that run OS 7. So RIM is essentially playing catch-up to Android and iOS and this simply won’t do it. Sure there are those that will go out and purchase the new OS 7 devices, but when blackberry devices running QNX are released next year there’s no way to update OS 7 to the new QNX OS which will suggest customers purchase another device to take advantage of the new features.

All in all these new Blackberry devices being introduced are essentially a stop gap to try to reduce the pain RIM has had in recent sales of devices, but this will only do so much.