2day In Nokia…

by Da'Von B.

The company isn’t doing so great, well with losing market share to Android, being de-throned by Apple as the largest mobile phone maker that’s not a comfortable position to be in. Add in total device sales are down 18% from the year ago quarter and total feature phone sales are down 15% from the most recent quarter and all signs point to their last ditch effort of the billion dollar “pact” signed with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 (an OS that hasn’t gained much traction but there’s still a chance), Nokia could potentially find themselves in the same predicament as RIM and Palm, though Nokia was always stronger than the two they may have a chance to pull through with 2012 devices running Windows Phone 7, but if the marketing push doesn’t convince customers that it’s a device worth picking up and if WP7 can’t gain any substantial traction, there will be substantial problems for the company in the future where they simply wont’ be able to connect people.