Apple’s Lion is Released…

by Da'Von B.

Today Apple released OS X Lion apparently their “king” of all OS X updates, after using it for the past couple of minutes I like it, no detailed differences will be made in this post but overall it’ll take some getting used to. Apple also released processor improved MacBook Airs with Thunderbolt and new Mac Minis. Finally they have discontinued the white MacBook, which is interesting which now makes the 11″ MacBook Air the entry level laptop in Apple’s portfolio. Another interesting thing to note is that Apple removed the SuperDrive from the Mac Mini, which will kickstart rumors for the future iMac and MacBook Pro’s which are rumored to have a complete redesign in 2012.

*On a personal note I haven’t used my SuperDrive in my MacBook for the past two years…and really don’t see any need for it on my end.