Videogames From The Cloud

by Da'Von B.

So far 2010, 2011 and I’d expect 2012 will be filled with ongoing buzzwords consisting of “cloud” computing. Consider that most start-ups utilize cloud technology in their services that are scalable along with an increase in quality of cloud storage options it’s not too far fetched to imagine that by 2013 but more than likely in 2014, future gaming systems will utilize cloud computing within the gaming architecture. Consider for a moment Apple’s App Store, and the ability to download apps on your computer, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. If you download the app from the computer it’ll in some cases automatically load onto the iPhone without the need for any wired connection, Android has been doing this for some time. With the upcoming XBox Alpha (or whatever Microsoft plans to call the system) and a revamped XBox Live it won’t be surprising to imagine that they include a Game Store similar to how indie developed games and demos can be downloaded, you already have the ability to download full games now in XBox Live. The reason that this is likely to be widespread in 2013 or more likely 2014 will be the internet connection speeds. The US is already drastically behind other nations in internet speeds (along with a slew of other services) and the timeframe is logical. Sony & Nintendo will more than likely follow suit in developing such services for their systems as well, the question is who will be able to fully develop clean interface and transaction service that will be fully protected, because I think all PS3 owners can attest that the breach in Sony’s system was a wake up call that having a fully developed and protected service is a necessity.