Investigation Into The Nortel Patent Sale?

by Da'Von B.

So…the best way to dive into the idiocy of what’s going in is simply state that the American Antitrust Institute is asking regulators to investigate Nortel’s patent sale, the suggestion is Android’s top rivals will imply collusion against Android. The article going over this bizarre situation can be found here. The issue with this article and the suggestive information along with a few factual points consists of the following:

  • Sony was in the consortium that purchased the Nortel patents – THEY BUILD ANDROID PHONES. In fact majority of Sony phones use Android as the primary operating system with Windows Phone 7 a distant second option.
  • The consortium didn’t gang up essentially on one company – The article implies that the consortium of the six companies went against Google alone, false, Intel joined Google to bid together against the consortium so essentially there were two groups bidding for the patents.
  • Nortel wasn’t sure if Google was being serious about its bidding – Google was bidding using math constants causing confusion on behalf of Nortel unsure if Google was being serious or as a distraction against other bidders. Google would’ve easily won out on the patent portfolio they have the cash to do so and Intel’s contribution wouldn’t have been minor.
  • And why is an investigation needed? – Remember government regulators had to approve companies interested in the patents in order to join in on the bidding process.

So how exactly is it that the American Antitrust Institute wants an investigation into the Nortel sale for possible collusion when they seem to ignore the factual information of how the companies were approved to bid on the patents as well as Google’s seemingly lackadaisical interest in bidding on the patents along with a member of the consortium who actually MAKES phones using Google’s mobile operating system? Best conclusion that can be made consists of lobbyists on behalf of Google. And the best break-down of the negotiations that took place between all of the companies involved can be found here.