Global Video Game Market Worth $100Billion by 2015?

by Da'Von B.

Yes, in 2010 the market made a total of $67 billion in sales of hardware and software, that number is suggested to increase in 2011 by 10.4% and take in around $74 billion. Online and mobile gaming are to thank for such an increase as well as an expected boon 4 years from now. More enjoy the idea of being connected and playing those from around the world. The next trend to take notice of is cross-platform gaming, the ability to play on an XBox 360 against someone on a PS3 is something gamers salivate for, it’s something that the companies on the hardware side continue to fight amongst themselves of its worth and profitability. Also tech heavy jobs continue to grow so if a child says they want to make video games when they’re older, it may not be such a bad idea.