HP TouchPad: A Broken Promise?

by Da'Von B.

I once suggested that the HP TouchPad would be a true competitor to Apple’s seemingly invincible iPad…I was wrong. Numerous reviews from Pogue, Mossberg, and Snell to name a few (along with my personal hands-on experience) suggest that, though it’s better than any tablet offerings using Android as its OS, and leagues above RIM’s Playbook, the device drastically falls short. It’s heavy (an initial complaint of the original iPad), the App offerings are BS, it’s insanely buggy, and there are features that are absent making it another product rushed to the market by the executive team so that they can say, “it’s available and it’ll receive updates” (an approach that lacks common sense and logic but in regular use throughout the executive community behind these failed products). The WebOS is beautiful, the multitasking is wonderful, and has a great deal of promise, but it remains to be seen if HP will simply break that promise. All in all no-one will suggest another tablet over the iPad, and Apple will continue to reign in the market  that’s slowly looking like it could mirror Apple’s dominance in the mp3 market, though to be fare, this isn’t 10 years ago, someone has the ability to provide solid competition, the question is who and when?