RIM…Should Be Open to Abandon Their OS…

by Da'Von B.

This won’t be an exhaustive write-up on how badly RIM looks to be doing, but there’s an excellent write-up over at This Is My Next. Simply put, RIM can’t catch up to Apple or Google, Windows Phone 7 can potentially grow with the Nokia deal but there are some potential rumors that could stall that growth. Sells of the Blackberry Playbook must be substantially horrible (important to remember “shipped” and “sold” are drastically different), and RIM’s OS 7 will likely be replaced by QNX within the year, add in that Blackberry 7 devices are delayed and you have a company that’s more confused than they’ll admit (the admission of layoffs with reduced 2nd Qrtr forecasts don’t help). RIM’s best chance to stay afloat is to abandon their OS, abandon QNX and make a deal with HP to license WebOS. HP CEO has already suggested licensing their OS “would be entertained“. It would be a strong partnership and provide great competition to Apple and Google…but RIM’s CEO’s are essentially too proud (at the moment) to admit that their OS’s as great as they were won’t cut it in the future. At the end of the day Apple & Google will continue to grow and others who once owned the space will have to play catch up or fall flat.