Nokia & Microsoft…Not Sure if it’s A Match Made in Heaven

by Da'Von B.

Difficult to find the right place to begin so…here it goes…Nokia’s market cap is currently at $25.45 billion in context that’s close to Apple’s revenue from it’s most recent quarter at $24.71 billion. With this current valuation it’s very probable that Microsoft is eying Nokia’s phone division which is in all likely hood less than the cost of Skype. So are the rumors true or false? No clue, the best question is…would Microsoft really be in favor of a vertical platform approach similar to Apple? They have the assets and the talent (very underused talent), but is this a road Microsoft would want to travel down? Microsoft’s D9 session will take place later today with a liveblog being done by the group over at This Is My Next… taking place at 3:45pm PST with Nokia’s following at 4:45pm PST. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly is going on between Microsoft and Nokia as both companies are struggling creatively (side note: Windows Phone 7 has a beautiful UI and system but they should drop the name Windows Phone 7 and push it harder).