Necessity of an iBooks for iPad Magazines & Newspapers

by Da'Von B.

As many have probably already heard major publishers that initially balked at Apple’s 30% take and allowing customers to opt out of submitting information have had a sudden change of heart and flooding the app store with new magazine apps with the option for subscriptions, a feature that is more than welcome to many consumers that want their favorite magazines on their iPad. That’s one issue that has finally been resolved, however another issue remains. The app store has over 350,000 applications with a little more than 70,000 for the iPad alone, it’s a bit tedious to search through everything. iTunes is already slightly complicated and hasn’t had much of an interface change in a long time. Not only that but the idea of having so many apps cluttered on the home screen or any additional screen can be cumbersome, the argument could be made that you can simply make a folder for digital magazine content but there could be a better solution that could be made by Apple, and that’s making a separate store for magazines and newspapers similar to iBooks. Though the appearance doesn’t have to be the same, developing an app where all publications that a user has subscribed to located in one central app is more than ideal. With updates of current issues downloading in the background as the app is launched and a simple UI to help the user through would not only be embraced by users but possibly by publishers as well. A solution currently exists in the form of an app called Zinio but it’s mediocre to say the least and a better solution is simply waiting in the wings. An independent developer could propose such an idea building the digital magazine or news wrack as an application (free) and allowing publishers to store their content in one central location in exchange for a small fee, and of course there are many workarounds to get through as Apple would still command their 30% fee but something that doesn’t gradually step over Zinio but makes a drastic leap over the current state of the application. As of now it’s probably wishful thinking but it’s something someone should take a look at and develop some kind of solution for consumers and publishers alike.