85% of the time so called “analysts” are always wrong about this company

by Da'Von B.

In 2003 Apple’s stock was $23/share…taking a look at their price today trading at $242.50 and that’s after the stock split they had a few years ago, one would suggest that the company is doing pretty good (which would be a gross understatement). The company hasn’t really been a hit or miss, 90% of the company’s products have been a hit (Apple TV remains up in the air as they definitely need to move away from it being “just a hobby”). Lately what analysts have been doing which is at times hilarious is suggest that based on their infamous “sources familiar with the matter” will release guestimations of Apple products that will be released. The truth is these so called analysts have no idea what’s going on because their “sources familiar with the matter” don’t exist. Some may argue that they do or (how do I know?). It’s simple majority of these analysts have been a miss on average 75%, that doesn’t exude much confidence. A version flavored iPhone was supposed to be released in the 2008, in 2009, and this year and yet each instance has been a complete miss. The same thing happened with the iPad where it was supposed to go to Verizon, then history repeats itself. A lot of these things seem to be taken out of thin air, it’s plausible that some actually do have sources while others get their sources from a cookie jar. In the end this entry may seem like nothing but babble or ramble in which case can be considered correct. In the end when it comes to this company ignore 95% of the news stories you see because almost everyone’s wrong.