Many may suggest this to be significantly unconventional…

by Da'Von B.

…But when you look at it all…The video game industry has a 10% year over year growth and brought in $5billion to the U.S. economy. Many pundits would suggest this to be a fluke (ignoring the fact of the 10% year over year growth already mentioned). But looking at everything in a whole, the best investments consist of mutual & index funds, bonds, and some stocks here and there. Investing in companies like Tesla (the first major U.S. car company to release an IPO in more than 60 years), Skype (a new kind of telecom taking on at&t), and First Solar Inc (solar energy can no longer be ignored) these are just a few of emerging companies that should be given more attention. The conventional thinking today is similar to being insane. The current energy grids are more than 40 years old, oil will ALWAYS be an issue, and energy & gas bills will continue rise year after year at incremental stages. Common sense would suggest many things but common sense has died long ago. This isn’t something that will eagerly suggest you invest in what I choose (though after running a hypothetical portfolio earning $64k in 7 months it can be considered I know a thing or two about investing), this is simply random posts of companies that are emerging and will continue to be ignored until all of a sudden people gravitate and use said product or service provided by the company on a daily basis (look at Facebook & Twitter).